Trader by day - Hacker by night

Remember you are learning from Hacker / Trader, Not From Trainer

I Shaikh Faizan A Trader & An Ethical hacker, Since 2016 I'm Learning ethical hacking and i certified in 2019 & secure more than 100+ websites, secured many organizations from cybrr attack, when I learning about hacking, I see BTC, crypto n all then I entered in crypto market and swing trade BTC and others crypto i traded crypto 1 years then I learn more about financial market & learned global market how stocks price moves, what correlation between stocks and currencies, how currency price affect, how economy works etc n all, I'm profitable since 2021 I managed funds & I have cyber security knowledge I know coding & programming I write algorithms for forex market, I made More than 70+ algorithms for forex market like macd, martingale, ma cross, rsi etc, through these 7 years journey a learned a lot & I'm learning now also, in this industry learning never stops....
Both financial literacy and cybersecurity are crucial topics in today’s increasingly digital and interconnected world.

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Money in Motion: The Constant Flow of Capital in Global Markets

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Cracking the Code of Cyber Threats: Safeguarding the Digital World

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